Blackfoot, ID – 11-year-old Timmy Burrows may be unusually young for a successful entrepreneur, but an idea of his has already earned him enough money to pay for college.  Burrows is the inventor of the latest sensation to sweep the nation, the “Where’s Wasden” app that thousands are downloading to their phones every day. 

The goal of the app is to try to figure out where Idaho State Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is on any given day.  What the nation is now finding out is what Idahoans have known for years: Wasden is never where he is supposed to be – especially on the issues. 

According to Burrows, that’s the fun of the game.  “If you think he should be in one place, he’s not.” explained the young inventor.  “He never does what he’s supposed to.”

Burrows has announced that the game’s sequel is soon to be released.  It’s called “Where’s Wasden: Look the Other Way.” Burrows says it’s a game where players try to get Wasden to see where politicians break the law or disregard the Constitution.  “It’s way harder than it sounds!” Burrows exclaimed. 

Despite search teams scouring hundreds of fishing holes, Wasden could not be reached for comment.

Young Timmy has plans for even more games.  He’s also working on a game of strategy called “Shut It Down” in which players try to figure out how to keep from going bankrupt when the Governor shuts down their business again.

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