SEATTLE, WA – Former Caldwell, Idaho resident Peter Whigschnif thought it was great that kids liked to touch the hair on his legs. Then he thought his life was over after he was convicted for indecent exposure with minors last year. After being released from his six-month prison term, Whigschniff decided to leave Idaho for what he considered greener pastures in Seattle, Washington.

“I had some old friends in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle just seemed like my kind of place.” explained Whigschniff. “Idaho never did really understand me.”

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Whigschnif found many in Seattle who shared his way of thinking. “I love expressing myself by twerking naked while riding my bicycle. I loved it in Idaho, but I love it more in Seattle. Here I found a group of friends who love to do the same things I do!”

Whigschnif recently participated with his friends as a naked bicyclist, riding and twerking in the Seattle area’s many pride parades for audiences whose ages ranged from infancy to octogenarian.

“The people in Seattle love what I do!” Whigschnif said, smiling. “They laugh and point when I wiggle! In Idaho, they ran away! Well, except for the Boise mayor and that one place in northern Idaho. But generally, Idahoans said I was just exposing myself. Here in Seattle, it’s considered self-expression!”

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said he was happy that Whigschnif has found peace. “In Idaho, Peter exposed himself to children and was jailed.” Wasden said. “Now he expresses himself to children in Seattle and is celebrated.”

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