BALDWIN PARK, CA – Fast food favorite In-N-Out Burger announced today that when the burger chain opens its first restaurant in Idaho, the menu will be different than what people are used to. 

From their headquarters in Baldwin Park, California, In-N-Out President Lynsi Snyder announced the changes.  “We’ve decided to leave the Double-Double and all our other hamburgers off of the menu in Idaho restaurants.  Instead, we will feature foods that Idahoans are used to and will enjoy.”

Snyder said that Finger Steaks, Fry Sauce, Huckleberry Shakes and Ice Cream Potatoes will be on the menu in place of many of the chain’s regular menu items. 

When asked what motivated the changes, Snyder replied that it has to do with a shifting of the political winds. “California is now run by Democrats,” she said, “and many attractions are gone now because of the Marxist atmosphere. In other words, most of the reasons people had for visiting California have vanished. Our research shows In-N-Out is one of the only reasons people still visit California, so we decided to keep the regular menu exclusive to California. We want to give people a reason to visit the Golden State.” 

A review of survey results indicate Snyder is correct: people will drive hundreds of miles just to get a Double-Double.

With the absence of the world-famous cheeseburgers and Double-Doubles at Idaho’s In-N-Out locations, Idahoans are curious if there will be a secret Idaho menu. Snyder answered in the affirmative. “Yes there will!  Customers can ask for a ‘Tater Shaker’ and they will get a delicious Potato Shake. They can also ask for ‘Animal Style Ditch Weed,’ which will be asparagus with all the fixings.”

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