GREENLEAF , ID – Elmer Woodson has been traveling from town to town in Idaho to deliver his message, which he says is the most important of his life.  There is nothing unusual about such a comment in the days leading up to an election, but what is unusual is where and to whom the message is delivered. 

Woodson is on a mission to convince cemetery residents around the state to stop voting.  “They voted for Joe Biden and you can see what a disaster that is, don’t you?”  Woodson told the Idaho Pea.  “I must convince them to please just stop!”

People have seen Woodson in graveyards around the state, explaining to the residents resting there why they should not have voted for Biden. And then he begs them to also not vote for Brad Little or Scott Bedke. 

“I’ve got to convince the dead to stop voting for RINOs and Democrats.  It’s killing our country!” Woodson said. 

Some people have questioned Woodson’s method of traveling from cemetery to cemetery and talking to headstones. One bystander asked Woodson directly,  “Is this the best way to get the dead to not vote?” Woodson remained confident, saying,  “They can’t be reached by mail because they have no mailboxes, so we can’t send them those big postcards.”

When asked if he thought he was getting his message across, Woodson replied, “I don’t know. They are dead after all.  But they still vote, so I’ve got to get the message to them somehow.” 

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