BOISE, ID – Sean Dickson has been trading in crypto-currency for several years, but nothing could prepare him for the unexpected jolt he received Wednesday when he awoke to find that he had become a crypto-millionaire.

“It’s amazing! I’m now a crypto-millionaire!” Dickson exclaimed from the balcony of his loft in downtown Boise. After his friends pulled him back inside, Dickson said, “I can’t believe it!  I’ve been trading in crypto for years, and I thought I knew what I was doing.  I even sold my collection of never before opened original Star Wars toys from 1977, and turned it all into crypto.”

Dickson’s crypto-currency holdings rose every day, and recently he reached the magical number and held over a billion dollars in a lesser-known crypto-currency called Luna

Dickson got a wild look in his eyes as he said, “Last night, my billion dollars turned to a million! And it’s going lower!” When asked about his future plans, Dickson said, “I hope I can get my job back at McDonalds.”

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