BOISE, ID – On the Idaho Capitol steps this past Tuesday, a large crowd of 11 non-binary Democrats assembled for a spontaneous protest against the apparent upcoming reversal of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.

The protestors, all sporting multi-colored hairstyles and various facial accoutrements, waved signs that read:

“No uterus…and no opinion – except for pregnant men.”

“My body, my choice…except for vaccines and masks.”

“Tri-Spirit Non-Binary Furry Vegan Feminist Witch Doctors for Choice”

“Reproduction is Racism.”

The leader of the group, self-described Trans-Vegan-Homo-Moongod-Feminist Calyx Zorton-Magnus (pronouns: Xi /XE/Your Highness) was asked about the group’s purpose. “It’s like, reproductive rights, racism, being a vegan non-binary spirit-being and white supremacy, you know?”

Fellow protestor Zymxt Rufus-Minotaur (pronouns: clown/clownself) proudly but silently displayed clownself’s latest tattoo to bewildered passers-by.  The tattoo said, “My Bod, My Choise” (sic).

A few protestors said the protest was a preemptive move because the Supreme Court is now welcoming a new Justice who doesn’t know what a woman is. 

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