The Idaho Pea can now announce that Ed Humphreys has won the prestigious Tommy Ahlquist Memorial Spoiler Award. 

This award is given every four years to the candidate who cannot possibly win the governor’s seat but stays in the race so the election can be handed to a RINO. This year, Humphreys was far-and-away the candidate most deserving of the award, as he handed the Republican nomination for Governor to RINO Brad Little. 

Humphreys was not available for comment as both his hands were attached to his chin – a lingering side effect of his Humphreys for Governor photo-shoot. The affliction comes and goes but doctors still aren’t sure how to fix it.

Through a spokesman, Humphreys accepted the award saying, “Um, Thanks.”  

Speaking on behalf of the campaign, Lynn Bradescu, once a longtime Brad Little supporter, said, “It is an honor to know that we had such a lasting impact on Idaho politics.”

The trophy given to Humphreys is in the shape of a trash can, which highlights the recipient’s contribution for a return to constitutional government in the state of Idaho.

The Tommy Ahlquist Memorial Spoiler Award is very prestigious because of the unifying impact is has on Idahoans. Establishment Republicans and Democrats not only come together every election cycle to fund the award, they also meet before the window opens to register as a candidate to discuss which people might be a “best fit” for the award.

Bradescu said she looks forward to helping Humphreys win the award again in four more years.

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