DISMAL SWAMP, ID – Legends of strange creatures are common throughout the United States, and Idaho is no exception.  But in this out-of-the-way corner of the state is an especially disgusting creature.


One resident who studies the Dismal Swamp area, Lance Boyle, recently spoke with the Idaho Pea about the offensive creature. “Most folks don’t think of a swamp when they think of Idaho, but make no mistake, it’s here, and it’s nasty. And here in Idaho’s swamp is a creature that gives us chills to even think about.”


According to Boyle, “When the moon is full and legislature is in session, a potent odor overwhelms anyone in the vicinity. You’ll never forget the first time you are exposed to that hideous creature.” Boyle tried to contain a shudder and spoke in hushed tones. “It’s called the Bedke, and it’s one of the nastiest swamp creatures to ever rise up in Idaho.

The Bedke is addicted to power

— Lance Boyle

Boyle paused again, then said, “The Bedke is addicted to power, and when he wants more, he rises up to one of the swamp’s high points and commands all of the other swamp creatures with that awful scream of his: ‘EYE ack ee! EYE ack ee!’  When the other creatures hear that scream, they do whatever the Bedke wants. It’s disgusting. And the stench – it’ll make you want to puke.”

Boyle isn’t the only resident who’s seen the damage caused by the Bedke.  Joseph King, another Idahoan familiar with the swamp, says, “I’ve heard tell that the Bedke is trying to climb to a higher place. It’ll be a bad thing if he gets there, ‘cuz then he’ll be even more powerful.”

According to King, the Bedke has several enemies in the swamp, but one has emerged with the potential to vanquish the vile swamp creature once and for all. “The Giddings Hawk flew into the area few years ago,” King said. Then, with a knowing grin, King added, “Word is it can eat the Bedke alive.”

Boyle added his thoughts about the matter. “I’m sure the Bedke wouldn’t taste good, but then nothing in the swamp does.” King just shook his head and said, “Sometimes you eat because it tastes good, and sometimes you eat because you have to. For the swamp to get cleaned up, the Giddings Hawk needs to take out the Bedke.”

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