WASHINGTON, DC – Independence Day is just around the corner, and with skyrocketing inflation, many families across the country are thinking about cutting back on their BBQs and family festivities. However, according to a White House announcement, this need not be the case. Last year the Biden Administration touted the fact that a 4th of July cookout cost 16 cents less than the year before, but this year it claims families will be able to save 50% or more.

In a press event, Commerce Department Spokesman NoeMone`e Fo Yoo, stated that consumers could see savings this year of 50 to 75% on their Independence Day barbecue.

“With just a few simple adjustments, consumers can experience big savings,” said Yoo. “For instance, by cutting hot dogs in half families will save 50% per serving. Even more savings is available by making 1-ounce burger patties instead of 4-ounce patties. Do that and you’ve saved 75%”

Yoo also added that since lots of Americans can’t get many of the traditional food items this year, they would automatically spend less. Another tip offered by the White House is to substitute new foods for traditional meals. “Simply by substituting a delicious and filling Top Ramen meal for meat is a huge budget savings,” Yoo said.

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