About Us

Thanks for reading the best fake news site in all of Idaho. The Idaho Pea has become known as “The tiny website that keeps a Little princess up at night.” We chose that slogan because we love fairy tales – like the one where our current governor has Idahoans best interests at heart. That one is a hoot! 

Every article written for the Idaho Pea is absolutely false unless it eventually turns out to be true. Just know that every article we publish is fact-checked to make sure it completely devoid of facts. For legal purposes, you should take comfort in knowing our Fact Checkers were rejected by Facebook. 

It was tough earning the title of best fake news site in Idaho. We had to compete against news sources like KTVB, The Idaho Press, and the Idaho Statesman. Of course, that statement is also satire.  

We tip our hat to the Babylon Bee, our inspiration, and we pray they believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.    

The Pea is adamant that none of our articles are accurate or true. We simply write satire about things going on in Idaho. 

In closing, we hope our readers like good fake news, similar to those cheesy puffs in the giant plastic barrel. They’re not real food, but they taste so good!